About us

The aim of the series is to bring together masters students, doctoral students and postdocs of the University of Oxford’s music faculty in an informal intellectual and social environment. People from both the master’s and the DPhil cohort will be given the opportunity to present their research in an intimate and secure setting that provides them with feedback in a non-threatening environment.

It is also a good opportunity for people to rehearse their papers/articles etc. in front of a kind, but critical audience.  Thus, research postgraduate students will be embedded into an active and supportive community, with frequent opportunities to peer-review their work, share resources and ideas. It could also be a platform to share and critique working practices generally, and a framework for developing long-term collaborative projects.

Session organisation:
2 student speakers each have 20-30 minutes to deliver their presentation (conference papers, thesis chapters, articles etc.), followed by a Q&A and a general discussion at the very end of each session. Student speakers have to sign up for slots at the beginning of each term. Drinks and snacks will be served.

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